KLG Trucking offers you the possibility to hire modern trucks with very well trained Eastern European drivers at the lowest applicable costs. You can use these vehicles and drivers as if they were your own, but without the work and risks inherent in such an operation.

KLG Trucking offers:

  • Modern trucks (Euro V or VI )
  • All trucks equipped with onboard computers including navigation.
  • Real time Track & Trace at every moment of the day by web portal so you can see continuously online where the truck is at each moment.
  • Motivated and competent drivers who work 6 weeks each time after which a colleague takes over (while the other one is off duty).
  • Drivers which can communicate well in English or German with you and your customer.
  • Representative drivers with a neat appearance and a pro-active attitude.
  • The certainty that you deal with a stable trustworthy company that makes sure all legal requirements are met in respect of loading, insurance, driver certificates, maintenance of the trucks, etc.
  • The lowest possible costs per kilometer for an optimal service and maximum control and certainty regarding your load.


You choose how much work you want KLG Trucking to take out of your hands:

  • Do you arrange the change of drivers and the transfer to the nearest airport from your stand location yourselves?
  • Or would you prefer KLG Trucking to arrange that, if necessary even on the way, anywhere in Europe?
  • We assume that we shall use your trailers for transport, but if preferred we can also arrange a suitable trailer.
  • Do you want our drivers to wear your company clothing? We can arrange that too!

Clients and/or potential clients which would like to receive copy of our General Terms and Conditions can request these by sending an e-mail to